What is rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is a nose job. Those who are getting a medical nose job to help them to breathe are getting a medical rhinoplasty. Those who are unhappy with the way that their nose looks will get a cosmetic rhinoplasty. There are multiple differences between these two types of rhinoplasites. There is also a certain way for you to choose your nose job doctor so that you can be sure you are working with the best. Take the time to understand these differences, and to understand how to have the best doctor possible.

Medical Rhinoplasty

Medical rhinoplasty can cover a lot of different operations. Medical rhinoplasty generally aims to open up airways to increase breathing abilities. There are multiple aspects of the nose that can be operated on. Generally, medical rhinoplasty involves blocked airways, or partially blocked airways. The rhinoplasty may not even change the appearance of the nose. The job simply requires the doctor to do what is necessary to open these airways up.

Medical rhinoplasty is important, as there are many who have trouble breathing. Those who have trouble breathing, and those who snore, should not hesitate to find a plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is much different than medical rhinoplasty. Cosmetic nose jobs cover any and all nose procedures that have the sole purpose of changing the look of the nose. Some people will remove lumps from the bridge of their nose. Others will increase mass to get rid of a sloping nose. Some people will change the tip of their nose, while others aim to change the width of their nose. All of these changes have no medical benefit. The change simply aims to readjust the nose, giving the nose a different profile.

Those who are looking for a cosmetic nose job should be able to confidently choose their procedure. They should find a plastic surgeon who has worked on men before, as they can often help you choose the final procedures.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon

You need to find a plastic surgeon that specializes in the exact kind of rhinoplasty that you need. Do research to find medical nose doctors and cosmetic nose surgeons in your area. You can look at their work and talk to them to understand if they can help you. The plastic surgeon is the most expensive part of the rhinoplasty cost

Be sure to ask for photos before and after rhinoplasty. These photos will show you the best work of the surgeon that you are looking into. If you are looking for medical nose jobs, be sure to talk to the surgeon about your issue. They will be able to help you to better understand what needs to be done to your nose, and can point you in the right direction, procedure wise. Take the time to find the right plastic surgeon. Finding the right plastic surgeon will give your surgery the best chance possible.

People who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose can get rhinoplasty done. This can also be done because of medical reasons. However, it has been noticed that people have lack of information and this is the reason why they make wrong choices. In this, we will discuss about various topics related to this procedure.

Rhinoplasty Cost

The average costs of rhinoplasty may range from $4000 to $8000.

It is recommended to get rhinoplasty done from the surgeons having enough experience and qualifications about the procedure. However, these surgeons may offer costly services. The average costs associated with rhinoplasty may range from $4000 to $8000. It may be more than this figure depending upon the surgeon and other requirements. You must be aware of the fact that nose job is a complicated procedure and has to be performed by a skilled person. You should not compromise because of cheaper price as you may face problems later on. The cost of this procedure includes:

  • fees for surgeon
  • anesthesia
  • supporting staff
  • medical facilities.

Male Rhinoplasty Information

A lot of people think of women when they think of nose jobs. Few think of men. Male rhinoplasty is common, as many men need surgery on their nose. Some people need the surgery to help them breathe better. Others simply want to change their nose. Male rhinoplasty is no different than female rhinoplasty, and should be looked at as such.

For Breathing Issues

One of the main reasons that guys have surgery on their nose is in relation to their health. Many men will have breathing issues, or snoring issues, because of their nose. Male Rhinoplasty can help to take care of these medical issues. The procedures do not aim to take off anything that does not need to be altered for the sake of the medical procedure. This process is not about looks. It is about getting the nose to operate as it is supposed to operate.

For Beauty Issues

There are guys out there who are unhappy with their nose. They may want to make it smaller, or make it bigger. They may want to change the shape of their nose. Some people simply change the tip of their nose. All of these cosmetic procedures are normal for men to have. While there may not be news about it, men are getting many of the nose jobs that women are getting.

Men can be unhappy with their looks. They can easily spend money to have the nose job they need to fix the issue. Cosmetic nose jobs allow men to look as they would like to.


Women are more likely to admit to having plastic surgery than men. While women are open about plastic surgery, men tend to keep it hidden. Plastic surgery, for a woman, is considered normal. Plastic surgery for a man still has an unfortunate stigma. People tend to think that male rhinoplasty patients are weak, or that they are acting as a woman. This stigma keeps many men from being happy. Men should be able to have a rhinoplasty when they want to. While people may be ok with rhinoplasty for medical reasons, they are not ok with it for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic nose jobs should be just as acceptable as medical nose jobs.

There are multiple types of nose jobs for people who need medical rhinoplasty. They need to open or close some of their nasal passages. They may need to have serious surgery to completely reconstruct their nose. Others simply want to change the appearance of their nose. They have a quick nose job to fix whatever they do not like about their nose. Cosmetic surgery for men tends to have a negative connotation in society. Many fail to realize that this double standard can prevent men from having an operation that they want or need. Male rhinoplasty is common, and should be looked at as nothing more.

Health Risks with Rhinoplasty

It is a well known fact that people get nose job done because of cosmetic and medical reasons. However, there are various health risks associated with Rhinoplasty. Before going for this surgery, it is highly recommended that person should get the complete information about benefits, risks and other complications of Rhinoplasty. Some of the conditions can be controlled with preventive measures while other may stay permanently. The main reason for these complications may be due to inexperienced surgeon or the patient has not taken proper care during recovery period after surgery. Some of the health risks are mentioned below:

Abnormal Shape

In most of the cases, the nose job is done because of improving shape of nose and due to some medical reasons such as difficulty in breathing. However, sometimes after the surgery, the nose does not get a proper shape. The results of the surgery may differ from one person to another. If the person gets abnormal shape of nose, he has to undergo a repetitive surgery which may help him get a desired shape.

Airway restriction

Some people may get the problem breathing after the surgery. This may occur because of the airway restriction. Sometimes, it occurs along with bleeding and a nasal packaging is required so that it can be stopped. There is also a possibility that the blood vessel cab bust in the nasal passage way after Rhinoplasty. In worse case, the person may end up in nerve breakdown after this surgical procedure.

Severe Pain

After the surgery, a person has to take care of the nose and the diet well so that he is able to recover faster. However, it has been noticed that people do not follow the guidelines and medication schedule as per directed by the surgeon. This results in pain in nose and it may be tolerable initially; however, if proper attention is not given, the patient may feel severe pain in nose.

Other Risks

Apart from above mentioned risks, there may be other risks associated with this surgery such as infection, skin necrosis, asymmetry in nose, scars of surgery, reactions to anesthesia, numbness and swelling in nose. It is suggested to get the complete details about what could be the possible side-effects of Rhinoplasty so that they can be avoided.

How to avoid health risks

In order to avoid the risks and side-effects of Rhinoplasty is that the patient must get the details about the surgeon and choose highly qualified and experienced surgeon. This is because of the reason that he will be able to do his job well. He also needs to do complete research about the surgeon.

It is highly recommended that the instructions given by surgeon to be followed after the surgery must be properly followed so that their risks can be minimized. Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgical procedure; this is one of the reasons why it should be performed by the surgeon who has complete knowledge and information about it. Also, contact your doctor if you experience any of the unpleasant symptoms.

Faster Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty is a popular form of cosmetic surgery. It is basically for the nose problems of they want to change the look of their nose. Some people go for this surgery mainly for changing the appearance of their nose as it does not suit their face. Rhinoplasty Recovery from the surgery takes some time and gives some rhinoplasty risks also after the surgery. People can get back to their work after a week’s rest from the surgery and but its side effects are left for about a month. Some permanent risks are also there due to this surgery but they do not create much of discomfort to the person.

A surgeon always gives some emergency numbers if there is some severe problem that occurs after the emergency. So that patient can contact on these numbers and gets all the required assistance and appointment with the doctor so that they immediately come and meet him for the emergency problem. The pain in the nose job will take place after the surgery for a longer period and the pain level increases with the type of pressure put on the surgery part like sneezing with more power etc. Sometime the pain is unbearable and makes a person very uncomfortable. For this doctors provide some medication and antibiotics for the fast recovery and proper healing of the stitches. The course is for about a week or two after the surgery.

A support is given to the nose, for making the position of nose at a right place after its full feeling from the surgery; it can be taken place in the post operative checkups. The support will be removed by the surgeon in a week from the date of rhinoplasty surgery. Some of the rhinoplasty risks are as follows: the area where rhinoplasty surgery takes place will be swollen for few days. It mainly occurs when surgery has taken place for the broken bone and resetting the position of the nose. For about a week after the surgery the eyes seem to be swollen and inflated and the recommendation of the doctors is to apply cold condense for reducing the swelling. Main swelling of the nose will be vanished in a week but there is some inflation still is left for quite a few months, it is not seen to the other people. The actual shape of nose will be set in nine to twelve months after the rhinoplasty surgery.

In a rhinoplasty recovery the look of the nose will not appear symmetrical in shape. The irregularity of the shape is not long lasting, once the nose get healed completely, the shape of the nose will take place in its original state. In some cases, repeat surgery will be required for the resetting of the nose shape. It mainly happens as the patient does not follow the instructions of the doctor in the recovery period. They generally sleep on one side of the nose, and they do not lift up their heads during the recovery period.

Rhinoplasty- Change the way you look

There is almost nothing left in the world which the humans could not do. The science is on seven skies and such types of techniques, skills and equipment are developed which can change the human appearance too. Basically we are talking about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which is usually performed by a well trained surgeon either to improve the function of the nose or to improve the appearance. It is also known as nose reshaping. There can be various reasons for a this surgery, some perform it to correct their birth defects in nose or to correct their breathing problem on the other hand few people have this surgery to increase their face value.

There are several benefits of having a plastic surgery. Most of the patients have the rhinoplasty because of cosmetic purpose. Those persons whose nose is not symmetrical to the face usually adopt it to make their face look attractive and symmetrical. It improves the overall personality of the person. The nose with the too broad tip needs rhinoplasty the most. On the other it also adopted by the persons who have difficulty in breathing due to their broad or narrow nose tip. This difficulty in breathing can be by birth or can be the result of any injury after an accident.

Like every other plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty also has some risks as compared to its benefits. By having a plastic surgery one increases the risk of being infected easily by the diseases and adverse infections can lead to savoir problems like anesthesia which can also lead to death. These are called after surgery Rhinoplasty risks where as there are several other risks also like loss of blood during the surgery. These risks can be avoided by having a surgery from a specialized and well known surgeon. Several patients after having a rhinoplasty recovery; have a lot of pain in their nose which continues for months, this can be due to damage of any nerve. This risk again can also be avoided by having a surgery from a surgeon who has a name in his profession.

These were the positive and negative impacts of a Rhinoplasty; now let’s talk about the cost of this surgery. The cost of rhinoplasty varies from surgeon to surgeon, as the fees of well known surgeon will be quite more than a normal surgeon who is not much popular. The geographical area where the surgery is performed and what changes are made to the nose are also very important factors which counts in the cost. Cost can not be predicted before unless a surgeon performs an examination and performs a plan. The cost comprises of three basic things

  • Surgical fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • facility fee

The cost ranges from $3000 to $8000. The things that make it so costly are the surgeon’s fee because it requires a great skill to do Rhinoplasty, so its fees cannot be questioned.

Rhinoplasty should only be performed after taking advice from the surgeon and a person should prefer well known professional surgeon to minimize the risks involved in Rhinoscopy.

How much can I expect to pay for my rhinoplasty?

The rhinoplasty costs really depends on the surgeon to perform the procedure that you choose, the area on the nose to be corrected, the type of rhinoplasty procedure, and the extent of the structural and cosmetic correction made on your nose.

Costs involved could be around $3000.000 to $8000.00 which should include the surgical fee, anaesthesia, the operating room, the staff and the hospital or clinic fees. For revision rhinoplasty it is costlier, around $10,000.00 to as much as $15, 000.00, again depending on the surgeon whose fees are always the most difficult to determine and the facility. If the damage to be repaired is more extensive, then prepare for a higher budget.

Tips to Choose Los Angeles Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure by which a patient undergoes a nose job done. Nose is the most important part of the face and many people are not satisfied with the shape of their nose and look for surgeons who can perform a good nose job. However, the procedure is more technical and complicated than other plastic surgery. This is one of the reasons why you should keep various things in mind while selecting Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Surgeons. Few of the key points are elaborated below:


When it comes to Los Angeles Rhinoplasty surgeons; you will be amazed to know that there are numerous of them claiming to offer their services; however, you must make sure that you only consider the ones who are board certified by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This is because of the reason that they are more qualified and have more skills and capabilities. The certified surgeons can be called as plastic surgeons.

You also must be aware of the fact that these surgeons may charge higher than those who are not certified; but they services are incomparable and you can be assured of best of the services from certified plastic surgeons.


There is wide range of services offered by Los Angeles surgeons such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and nose reshape and rhinoplasty. You must know who you are looking for. If you want to get nose job done, you must get in touch with Los Angeles Rhinoplasty surgeons who are experts in providing their services to people.


Before you start taking their services, it is highly recommended to get the details about how many years of experience the surgeon has. An experienced one must be preferred over the new one as nose job requires skills and expertise. The new one may not be the right choice in this regards. You can even ask for the clients who have undergone rhinoplasty from the surgeon. This will help you in getting to know about the level of services provided by the surgeon.


The best way to find a right kind of Los Angeles Rhinoplasty surgeon is to ask your friends and contacts who have already got a nose job done perfectly. It is easier to get details about the services, procedure and the price and you can decide if you want to go for that surgeon or not. This will also save a lot of your time and money which you will spend in consulting few surgeons.

Internet is the best source of finding out any information. You can find out that there are lots of surgeons on the internet offering wide range of services. You can get in touch with them with the help of their contact details such as phone number and email address. It is recommended to compare the services and price of these surgeons to make best selection.

With the right kind of surgeon, you can definitely get a nose which you desire. You will be able to enhance your looks and personality.

Restructure Facial Features

Rhinoplasty – restructuring the nose in order to improve its appearance and/or function – is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Most people associate Rhinoplasty with improving the appearance of the nose, but it can also be done to improve the functioning of the nose, which may need doing because of injury or birth defects.

We’re probably all aware of the stories of celebrity “nose jobs.” Done for cosmetic reasons, Rhinoplasty can include lengthening or shortening the nose, straightening, changing the shape of the tip or bridge, narrowing the nostrils or changing the angle between the tip and the upper lip. But if you’re thinking of having something like this done it’s important to have realistic expectations: chances are that Hollywood isn’t going to come calling the minute your bandages are off!

If you have Rhinoplasty done privately in the UK then it’s probably going to cost in the region of £3,000 to £6,000. The procedure will usually last between one and two hours, and you could be out of action for between a week and a fortnight. You’re probably looking at a total recovery time of 2 to 4 weeks. The operation will be done under either a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic backed up with mild sedation. As with any operation there’ll be a bit of pain afterwards, but this will be controlled with pain medication.

If you’re considering Rhinoplasty then it’s probably wise to have an initial chat with a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in this type of work. If you don’t know one, then your GP should be able to recommend someone.

Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Surgeons

When it comes to beauty, it is said that beauty is a God’s gift and not everyone is so lucky to born with good facial features. However, with new technologies and inventions in the field of cosmetic surgeries, beauty can be created with little or more pain. One of such common surgeries is the rhinoplasty which concerns with the shape of the nose which is a very important feature of any face. Some people come across accidents and their facial structure gets badly damaged leaving them looking horrible. At such times rhinoplasty comes to their rescue and they can get their face and especially shape of the nose back in place.

It is observed that rhinoplasty is equally beneficial for the people who have some breathing problems due to the irregular growth of bone inside the nose. This type of serious problems can also be fixed with special surgeries and this is an evident that rhinoplasty is more than just a cosmetic surgery to enhance the nose shape.
Cosmetic surgeries have more impact than just correcting the looks of the person. It deletes the negative effects associated with the bad shape or size of the nose and the person feels more confident and regains the self esteem.
In this article, let’s take a look at top surgeons in Los Angeles who are great in performing rhinoplasty.

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnskey

What will be your reaction after knowing that the recent newsmaker, Miss California has fixed her nose from Dr. Rawnskey? I think this is enough to introduce Dr. Jeffrey Rawnskey as a successful rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles. Dr. Rawnskey believes that correcting the looks of a person can bring many changes in his or her entire life. Even the smallest transformation such as minor nose surgery can increase the confidence and self esteem of the person and he or she can become more confident while handing their daily chores. He is active in this field since more than ten years and along with running commercial cosmetic surgery center, he also devotes his time for performing the surgeries on the victims of accidents or trauma or abuse. Basically, this is his way of expressing gratitude towards society.

Address –
1. Westwood Consultation Suite
924 Westwood Blvd., Suite 515
Los Angeles, CA 90024
2. Lasky Clinic
201 South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone Number – (310) 570-0244
Website – http://www.drrawnsley.com

Dr. Robert Kotler

Dr. Robert Kotler is well known as the founder of group of Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Beverly Hills area. As a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kotler has undertaken not less than ten thousand major cosmetic procedures. He is active in the field since last thirty one years which is sufficient to describe him as one of the most successful rhinoplasty surgeon in LA. Along with surgeries, Dr. Kotler is a successful author of the textbooks which are used to teach basics to all new comers in this field. He is actively involved in teaching at UCLA Medical Center. His books on cosmetic surgery are equally beneficial for people who are planning to undergo such surgeries.
Address –
Dr. Robert Kotler MD FACS
436 N. Bedford Dr., Ste. 201
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone Number- (310) 943-1170
(888) 782-2090

Email Address – info@bestrhinoplastyla.com

Website – http://www.bestrhinoplastyla.com

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery is a well-known and most respected plastic surgery center located in Los Angeles. The goal of surgeons operating this center is to make their client’s experience of comfortable. The high quality of surgeries and most efficient after care practiced at the center, has gained lot of popularity within no time. Dr. Steven Svehlak along with Dr. Yamini is successful in providing satisfaction to their clients requesting rhinoplasty at their center. The specialty of the center is that the consultant tries to resolve all sorts of queries regarding the surgery so that the patient feels total reliability about the procedure.

Address –
Sunset Cosmetic Surgery
9201 Sunset Blvd
Suite 805
Los Angeles, California, 90069

Phone Number – (310) 858-9100
Email address – info@sunsetcosmeticsurgery.com

Website – www.sunsetcosmeticsurgery.com

Westside Aesthetics

Dr. Alexander Rivkin has got his training in Cosmetic Surgery from the famous Yale University. He and his dedicated staff is specialized in providing non surgical solutions for correcting figures and facial features. Dr. Rivkin practices with the most advanced technologies which do not cause much pain and money. So you can also get the benefits of the solutions and become more attractive and confident too.

Address –
WEST LA OFFICE: 11645 Wilshire Blvd.,
Suite 800. Los Angeles,
CA 90025.

Phone Number – (310) 443-5273
Email Address –
Website – http://www.westsidemedicalspa.com

Keyes Surgery Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes is a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles as well as Beverly Hills. The Keyes Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Los Angeles is intended to offer all types of advanced as well as broader range of solutions in the form of cosmetic surgeries. The services at this center include improvement of facial features in which rhinoplasty is the basic method. High quality of the services is the basic aim of the center with which Dr. Keyes is practicing since last twenty years.
Address – The Keyes Surgicenter
9201 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 611
Los Angeles, California 90069
Phone Number – (310) 859-9388
Email: keycare@keycare.com
Website – www.keycare.com

Dr. Gary Motykie, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Gary Motykie, M.D., F.A.C.S. believes that the patient satisfaction is the most important thing while performing any type of cosmetic surgeries. He and his team of qualified surgeons works towards making their patient happy and make the corrections as per patient’s expectations. Cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty are common since recent times and it is not restricted for the rich class of the society.
Address –
9201 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone Number  (310) 246-2355

Website – www.drmotykie.com

Dr Richard Ellenbogen

Dr Richard Ellenbogen is specialized in cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, face lifts and fat grafting on face. He is a certified Plastic Surgeon and is in practice since thirty years. Dr. Ellenbogen believes that looking good does change their behavior and confidence levels. He has got an “artistic eye” which yields more natural looking results of the surgery procedures which is sometimes missing in other surgeons.
He is very open and straight forward and do not promise his patients for more than what he can achieve. And this comes as the best part as he delivers results which he can promise for.

Address –
9201 West Sunset Blvd., Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Phone Number – (310) 276-3183

Email address – info@beverlyhillsbody.com
Website – http://www.beverlyhillsbody.com


Profiles is a center specialized for Rhinoplasty where Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman are practicing to provide perfect cosmetic solutions for nose corrections. The surgeons duo is well qualified and have comprehensive experience of performing over hundred rhinoplasty surgeries. At the center, the pre and post surgery care is a very unique experience. During the pre surgery consultations, the surgeons get the details of the expectations of the patient and explain them about what is possible and what not. The result of such detailed discussion is that the patient does not have any doubts and is well informed about his or her post surgery looks. Due to this, change does not come to him or her as bad surprise. The rates offered by Profiles cosmetic surgery center are low when compared with other centers.

9201 W Sunset Blvd. Suite M130
West Hollywood, CA

Phone Number – (310) 276-6800

Website –http://www.beverlyhillsprofiles.com

Doheny Sunset Surgery Center

Dr. Raja Srour is a young but experienced cosmetic and rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles who believes that cosmetic surgery is not less than creating the piece of art. His keen interests in beauty and aesthetics, transforms the complex procedure into art workshop which produces a unique piece with perfect shape and beauty. He believes that with better looks and firm body, a person can achieve better in his or her professions as the confidence goes high and it also bring many positive changes. He is also a passionate painter and has donated many art works to charitable institutions.

Address –
9201 Sunset Blvd, Suite 910 Los Angeles, CA 90069

Phone Number – (310) 276-1184

Website – http://www.cosmeticart.net

Dr. Frankel

Dr. Andrew Frankel is a specialist in the field of rhinoplasty as well as revision rhinoplasty. He has established his cosmetic surgery practice in Los Angeles and he is known for correcting the negative effects of earlier rhinoplasty surgeries. He also undertakes fresh rhinoplasty surgeries and posses a high success rate in collapsed nose repair, corrective nose surgery and deviated septum surgery. Dr. Frankel has brought happiness in the lives of many people by giving them a fresh and best look. He has got certifications from board in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery which is related to ear, throat and nose.

Dr. Andrew Frankel
201 South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Phone: (310) 552-2173

Website – http://www.rhinoplastyrevisions.com

Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has gained popularity among males for last few years. It has been observed that males associated with the glamour world get this done to enhance their looks and personality so that they are able to stand out in a crowd. However, there are some concerns associated with the male rhinoplasty as they may get feminine look after the surgery if it is performed by a less competent surgeon. The surgeon must have enough experience and expertise in getting a masculine yet natural nose to the person.

Heath Risks with Rhinoplasty

This surgery may have potential risks associated with it if it is not done by the professionals and experts. Some of the rhinoplasty risks include:

  • recurrent nose bleeds
  • nasal infection
  • breathing problems and swelling
  • visible scars
  • loss of smell
  • permanent nerve damage
  • asymmetry.

These symptoms may occur if the person has not followed the instructions of the doctor or has not taken care of the nose well. In most of the cases, the risks are very few and can be handled easily. However, if the person experiences unpleasant symptoms for long period; he must inform his surgeon without further delay.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

The conditions of patients after this procedure may differ from person to person and this is the reason why they show different results. Most of the patients feel that they are back to their normal conditions within a week; however, other may take some more time depending upon how they have followed the instructions of their health care providers. During their recovery period, they may experience little to server pain in the nose, cold like feeling and discomfort in eyes which will start disappearing after sometime. The complete period for recovery may last up to three weeks after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Revision

It has been noticed that sometimes rhinoplasty is unable to give the look and shape to the nose as desired and this is the reason why it is necessary to correct the problem. The second time rhinplasty is known as rhinoplasty revision. This is because of the fact that complete rhinoplasty is not performed; rather the earlier rhinoplasty is revised. This can be performed to correct the errors done in the first rhinoplasty. It is a critical procedure and has to be done by an expert who has the expertise and knowledge about it.