Health Risks with Rhinoplasty

It is a well known fact that people get nose job done because of cosmetic and medical reasons. However, there are various health risks associated with Rhinoplasty. Before going for this surgery, it is highly recommended that person should get the complete information about benefits, risks and other complications of Rhinoplasty. Some of the conditions can be controlled with preventive measures while other may stay permanently. The main reason for these complications may be due to inexperienced surgeon or the patient has not taken proper care during recovery period after surgery. Some of the health risks are mentioned below:

Abnormal Shape

In most of the cases, the nose job is done because of improving shape of nose and due to some medical reasons such as difficulty in breathing. However, sometimes after the surgery, the nose does not get a proper shape. The results of the surgery may differ from one person to another. If the person gets abnormal shape of nose, he has to undergo a repetitive surgery which may help him get a desired shape.

Airway restriction

Some people may get the problem breathing after the surgery. This may occur because of the airway restriction. Sometimes, it occurs along with bleeding and a nasal packaging is required so that it can be stopped. There is also a possibility that the blood vessel cab bust in the nasal passage way after Rhinoplasty. In worse case, the person may end up in nerve breakdown after this surgical procedure.

Severe Pain

After the surgery, a person has to take care of the nose and the diet well so that he is able to recover faster. However, it has been noticed that people do not follow the guidelines and medication schedule as per directed by the surgeon. This results in pain in nose and it may be tolerable initially; however, if proper attention is not given, the patient may feel severe pain in nose.

Other Risks

Apart from above mentioned risks, there may be other risks associated with this surgery such as infection, skin necrosis, asymmetry in nose, scars of surgery, reactions to anesthesia, numbness and swelling in nose. It is suggested to get the complete details about what could be the possible side-effects of Rhinoplasty so that they can be avoided.

How to avoid health risks

In order to avoid the risks and side-effects of Rhinoplasty is that the patient must get the details about the surgeon and choose highly qualified and experienced surgeon. This is because of the reason that he will be able to do his job well. He also needs to do complete research about the surgeon.

It is highly recommended that the instructions given by surgeon to be followed after the surgery must be properly followed so that their risks can be minimized. Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgical procedure; this is one of the reasons why it should be performed by the surgeon who has complete knowledge and information about it. Also, contact your doctor if you experience any of the unpleasant symptoms.

Heath Risks with Rhinoplasty

This surgery may have potential risks associated with it if it is not done by the professionals and experts. Some of the rhinoplasty risks include:

  • recurrent nose bleeds
  • nasal infection
  • breathing problems and swelling
  • visible scars
  • loss of smell
  • permanent nerve damage
  • asymmetry.

These symptoms may occur if the person has not followed the instructions of the doctor or has not taken care of the nose well. In most of the cases, the risks are very few and can be handled easily. However, if the person experiences unpleasant symptoms for long period; he must inform his surgeon without further delay.