Male Rhinoplasty Information

A lot of people think of women when they think of nose jobs. Few think of men. Male rhinoplasty is common, as many men need surgery on their nose. Some people need the surgery to help them breathe better. Others simply want to change their nose. Male rhinoplasty is no different than female rhinoplasty, and should be looked at as such.

For Breathing Issues

One of the main reasons that guys have surgery on their nose is in relation to their health. Many men will have breathing issues, or snoring issues, because of their nose. Male Rhinoplasty can help to take care of these medical issues. The procedures do not aim to take off anything that does not need to be altered for the sake of the medical procedure. This process is not about looks. It is about getting the nose to operate as it is supposed to operate.

For Beauty Issues

There are guys out there who are unhappy with their nose. They may want to make it smaller, or make it bigger. They may want to change the shape of their nose. Some people simply change the tip of their nose. All of these cosmetic procedures are normal for men to have. While there may not be news about it, men are getting many of the nose jobs that women are getting.

Men can be unhappy with their looks. They can easily spend money to have the nose job they need to fix the issue. Cosmetic nose jobs allow men to look as they would like to.


Women are more likely to admit to having plastic surgery than men. While women are open about plastic surgery, men tend to keep it hidden. Plastic surgery, for a woman, is considered normal. Plastic surgery for a man still has an unfortunate stigma. People tend to think that male rhinoplasty patients are weak, or that they are acting as a woman. This stigma keeps many men from being happy. Men should be able to have a rhinoplasty when they want to. While people may be ok with rhinoplasty for medical reasons, they are not ok with it for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic nose jobs should be just as acceptable as medical nose jobs.

There are multiple types of nose jobs for people who need medical rhinoplasty. They need to open or close some of their nasal passages. They may need to have serious surgery to completely reconstruct their nose. Others simply want to change the appearance of their nose. They have a quick nose job to fix whatever they do not like about their nose. Cosmetic surgery for men tends to have a negative connotation in society. Many fail to realize that this double standard can prevent men from having an operation that they want or need. Male rhinoplasty is common, and should be looked at as nothing more.

Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has gained popularity among males for last few years. It has been observed that males associated with the glamour world get this done to enhance their looks and personality so that they are able to stand out in a crowd. However, there are some concerns associated with the male rhinoplasty as they may get feminine look after the surgery if it is performed by a less competent surgeon. The surgeon must have enough experience and expertise in getting a masculine yet natural nose to the person.