Rhinoplasty- Change the way you look

There is almost nothing left in the world which the humans could not do. The science is on seven skies and such types of techniques, skills and equipment are developed which can change the human appearance too. Basically we are talking about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which is usually performed by a well trained surgeon either to improve the function of the nose or to improve the appearance. It is also known as nose reshaping. There can be various reasons for a this surgery, some perform it to correct their birth defects in nose or to correct their breathing problem on the other hand few people have this surgery to increase their face value.

There are several benefits of having a plastic surgery. Most of the patients have the rhinoplasty because of cosmetic purpose. Those persons whose nose is not symmetrical to the face usually adopt it to make their face look attractive and symmetrical. It improves the overall personality of the person. The nose with the too broad tip needs rhinoplasty the most. On the other it also adopted by the persons who have difficulty in breathing due to their broad or narrow nose tip. This difficulty in breathing can be by birth or can be the result of any injury after an accident.

Like every other plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty also has some risks as compared to its benefits. By having a plastic surgery one increases the risk of being infected easily by the diseases and adverse infections can lead to savoir problems like anesthesia which can also lead to death. These are called after surgery Rhinoplasty risks where as there are several other risks also like loss of blood during the surgery. These risks can be avoided by having a surgery from a specialized and well known surgeon. Several patients after having a rhinoplasty recovery; have a lot of pain in their nose which continues for months, this can be due to damage of any nerve. This risk again can also be avoided by having a surgery from a surgeon who has a name in his profession.

These were the positive and negative impacts of a Rhinoplasty; now let’s talk about the cost of this surgery. The cost of rhinoplasty varies from surgeon to surgeon, as the fees of well known surgeon will be quite more than a normal surgeon who is not much popular. The geographical area where the surgery is performed and what changes are made to the nose are also very important factors which counts in the cost. Cost can not be predicted before unless a surgeon performs an examination and performs a plan. The cost comprises of three basic things

  • Surgical fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • facility fee

The cost ranges from $3000 to $8000. The things that make it so costly are the surgeon’s fee because it requires a great skill to do Rhinoplasty, so its fees cannot be questioned.

Rhinoplasty should only be performed after taking advice from the surgeon and a person should prefer well known professional surgeon to minimize the risks involved in Rhinoscopy.